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Do you like to visit your dentist? Many people put off a visit to their dentist because of childhood memories of pain and suffering. If you are one of these folks, you are missing out on some of the latest, exciting developments on the forefront of dentistry.

Think of the effect it has on you when you meet someone with a bright and confident smile. Then think of what it would feel like to be that person who has such a smile, such an easy confidence, knowing that you can smile openly and speak easily, without ever having to wonder if your listeners were thinking critical thoughts about what your mouth looked like. 

Smile Design, Implantology, Oral Surgery and Endodontics are cutting-edge procedures in modern Cosmetic Dentistry. On the forefront of this modern technology is “The Cosmetic Dental Studios”, headed by Dr A Khan. Branches are found in Westlake/Constantia, Plumstead and Gardens.

With more than a decade of experience, Dr Khan has completed in excess of 100 smile design cases varying from four units to full mouth rehabilitations and gingival contouring or crown lengthening. This means that whatever your specific situation and requirements might be, Dr. Khan has done something similar before and has also established a wide-spread reputation for pain-free work.

Dr. Khan was mentored by arguably the best in the business such as world famous cosmetic dentist Larry Rosenthal (dentist to the stars including Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas). You have perhaps seen some of the TV reality shows such as “Extreme Make-Over”, in which the seemingly impossible was achieved in turning people’s lives around completely, for the better. Dr. Khan has studied with the dentists who were responsible for those improvements. If such masters of the make-over can achieve these incredible changes, imagine how your life could be enriched! Times may be hard, but you know that the best investment you can make, is an investment you can make in yourself. We live in a world in which others judge us by our appearance. Your self confidence and social life are directly influenced by the way in which you present yourself physically to the world.

Profile of your Dentist in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town

Dr. A. Khan

Dr. Khan has considerable experience in all aspects of dentistry. He is passionate about Implantology, Oral Surgery and advanced Ni Ti / rotary Endodontics, and Smile Designs.

He is continuously improving his skills and knowledge by attending as many CPD courses as possible. He has also completed a year long V.T. equivalence course organised by the University of Liverpool. His specialities are: Smile Design, Surgery including Third Molar Surgery, Endodontics, Prosthodontics and he has embarked on more complexed rehabilitation restorative cases using bite registrations, face-bow, photography and the Dinar Articulator.

He continues to do in excess of 100 hours of CPD per year and continues his ongoing research so as to be able to give you the latest, most advanced techniques and sure-fire results that are possible.

Speaking of the perfect, confident smile, he has completed in excess of 100 Smile Design cases varying from 4 units to full mouth rehabilitation’s including gingival contouring or crown lengthening. He has also embarked on more complicated cases of multidisciplinary treatment integration involving many treatment modalities.

He always seeks out the best mentors in their field and disciplines, from around the world so as to learn from the best and to bring their knowledge home, where he can use it so as to benefit his many satisfied clients.


He has completed in excess of 200 implant cases. He has completed advanced courses in Implantology and completed a full year residency course at The Trafford General Hospital and Oaklands Private Hospital both in Manchester with Astra, Straumann and Friadent mentored by Prof. Cemal Ucer at Trafford General Hospital in Manchester (2005/6). He has also attended an Implantology dissection course by Prof. Stuart Orton-Jones at Bristol University and is an active participant and member with the ADI (Association of Dental Implantologist/ UK) and has attended all their Study Club meetings and events.

He has been privileged enough to attend lectures and hands-on demonstrations by Prof. Fouad Khoury of Munster, Germany, in the field of Autogenous Bone Augmentation and Grafting.

In a field developing as rapidly as dentistry, knowledge is power and in that sense, Dr. Khan believes in empowering himself by attending as many courses offered by Astra, as is possible. He accepts referrals from neighbouring colleagues and also acts as a mentor and clinical guide for Astra.

He has also completed Advanced Implantology courses in Bone Augmentation, Bone Grafting, Sinus Lifts and Grafting and Perio –Implant courses by Robert Dyas and Connor O’Donegan.


He has have completed many endodontic hands-on courses and lectures and also completed Advanced Courses in Rotary Ni/Ti Endodontics with Jason Bedford and Stephen Godfrey, both highly regarded as some of the best Endodontists in the UK. He has also attended courses by Stephen Buchanan (USA).

To date he has exceeded doing over 30 000 RCTs with a success rate of above 99%, which is close to perfect and very rare.

Oral Surgery

He has vast experience in Oral surgery, having also completed a PDD (Diploma in Oral Surgery) 2007 under the guidance of Prof. Jean Morkel and Prof. Gielmie Kariem at UWC.

He routinely undertakes and does all of his own surgery, including impacted 3rd molars . He is also the oral surgeon accepting referrals from his in-house colleagues as well as from neighbouring surgeries.

Smile Design

He has completed in excess of 100 cases of Smile Designs including full rehabilitation’s involving gingival contouring, esthetic crown lengthening procedures and occlusal rehabilitation’s and adjustments ..

He has worked alongside one of the best Ceramists in the UK, Ian Taylor of Castle Ceramics and they have formed a formidable team.

He has completed a year long course in Esthetics and Contemporary Restorative Dentistry with Dominic Hassle (regarded by many as the best Cosmetic Consultant in Europe) covering all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. He has also attended lectures and workshops by Michael Wise in London.

He has further completed the Core Curriculum with the Dawson Academy for Advanced Dentistry which incorporates lectures and practical hands-on classes in : Smile Design, Occlusion, Photography, Centric Relations, Record Taking, Examination, Treatment Planning and Case Selection.

He has been mentored by John Cranham (Virginia, USA), Glen Du Pont (St. Peterburg, Florida, USA) , DeWit Wilkerson (Florida, USA) and Ian Buckle (Liverpool, UK). He has also attended many lectures on smile design and occlusal rehabilitation of the worn dentition by John Cranham.
His mentor for Esthetic Design , Morphology and Tooth form and esthetic design and contouring is Jay Lerner (Palm Beach, Florida) and attended his lecture and hands-on course at the World Esthetic Congress in London 2009.

He has also been privileged enough to complete The Aesthetic Advantage Continuum by the Rosenthal Institute, University of New York. (Guy’s Hospital, London) 2009.

He has personally been mentored by world-renowned Cosmetic Dentists: Larry Rosenthal, Mike Appa, Ken Harris and George Kirtley; this was a hands-on programme where they oversaw and mentored him in Smile Design with all the latest techniques and materials from planning/preparation and cementation on a patient,  from start to finish.

He has also completed a Hands-on programme with renown Smile Design experts Drs Parmar and Doshi from the UK television programme : Extreme Make-Over UK.


He has done 1000s of whitening procedures including Power Bleaching, opalescence, Polar white, B1 and BriteSmile. He also have his own BriteSmile franchise and was trained in the BriteSmile Procedures. He has also attended Whitening lectures by Bleaching Expert, Dr Linda Greenwall.


He has completed 1000s of dentures with a high percentage of success and patient satisfaction.

To read more, visit www.thecosmeticdentalstudios.co.za

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